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Corporate ClientsWe have teamed up with multiple industry leaders to provide supplemental training courses to help polish their employees' skills, thus improving patient care and outcomes.  

We are here to assist you in passing difficult exams and providing high quality innovative continuing education. By providing high quality continuing eduction activities that are routinely updated, we can help to protect the investment you make in your education. 
Let's Be Honest! You want to pass, and we want to teach. But why choose us? We have successfully trained thousands of students to pass their certification exams. 98% of those that actually study our material, pass. Period.  You will too. 

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Version 3.0 UPGRADE: We are currently enhancing our flagship course, Excellence in critical care transport, which has a crisper layout and packs an incredible punch. If you purchase version 2.0, you will be given the 3.0 modules as they are released: FREE
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We are now an Approved Provider for Nursing CEs by the California Board of Nursing and are a BCCTPC & UMBC approved provider for CEUs.
Whether you are studying for a national certification exam, simply taking a continuing education course to sharpen your skills, or are currently in school, you have a choice in who delivers that material to you. We are the RIGHT choice.  
If you let us help you, I promise to meet and exceed your expectations.  
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