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About Meducation Specialists
We were founded in 2010 to assist others in their efforts in achieving difficult to earn certifications. This later spawned into helping new graduates prepare for their licensing exams. Additionally, we now offer students currently in school assistance in studying for certain topics, finals, paper writing, and test answer explanations.  

​Our methods are simple. We provide you study material and hold you accountable for completing the work in a non- intrusive manner. You are making an investment in us, and we want you to succeed. To achieve our goals of making you successful, we utilize video case studies that fortifies core concepts, flash cards to reinforce finer details, and a dynamic test to ensure you are ready. When finished, you’ll be confident about the material. You’re welcome.

How do we do our thing?
We utilize several different educational devices and mediums to deliver our content to you. Educating others, like medicine, is both a science and a practice. We work hard to constantly improve our execution. So here are a few of the devices we employ to accomplish our goals. 

Video Case Studies and Scenarios- We put all the major concepts of a topic in a video format so that you can gain an intuitive understanding. We want you to be able to use the information we provide so that it will be valuable even after your exam. Our video case studies present a case one small piece at a time and poses questions with each new portion. The learner follows along with a provided worksheet by pausing the video when it instructs. At the end of the video, there are complete scenario explanations. The video scenarios are the same, but may include more than just patient care. It is through this method that we will change the game of continuing education and usher in a new appreciation for the power of audio- visual learning.

Practicing More than ComprehendingOur thought that too often people fail exams because they do not practice the material like they will be tested. Consider a curve ball, golf swing, or playing the piano. You could take the most intellectual person on the planet who had never attempted any of the three ever before and put them in a room for an entire year to study how to do any of these tasks. A year later, he still wouldn’t be able to strike a major league baseball player with a curve ball, wouldn’t be able to beat Tiger Woods in the long drive competition, nor be able to be able to play like Jerry Lee Lewis. Its because you have to practice to be able to do those things. Studying is the same way, and that’s what we do- make you study. 

Progressive Challenging- our method of flashcard study using decks flashcards with increasing content allowing the student to progressively understand recall more and more of the material. We have created over 3500 flashcards total spaning our entire library. Doing this saves you time, because as soon as you comprehend what you're reading, then you can go right to studying. You won't have to figure out how to organize what you've learned into a format to study- we have done that for you. 

Dual Accountability Guarantee-our money back guarantee in contract format where we agree to prepare you sufficiently enough to pass, and you agree to complete the course. If we both keep our word and you still fail your exam, we will refund the cost of the course. This puts accountability in both our hands. Most test preparation courses and companies will not boast this offer, but our path is tried and true and still sitting on a 100% pass rate of the people who complete the course. 

Our Educational Imperatives:

Goal 1: Provide high- quality and engaging educational activities which are supported in the medical literature.

Goal 2: Constantly reassess educational modalities to ensure their effectiveness in purposefully training the learner and effect change to improve learning.