Episode 1
This is really a scary case, but one that is necessary for us to explore and learn from so that we will always be ready for it.

To get the absolute most out of it, you should look up PREGNANCY related conditions, signs and symptoms, and management applications. 
Podcasts and Webcasts
Our days are busy and it is hard to find time to carve out a study session. Despite this difficulty, it is SO important that we keep our clinical skills and knowledge as sharp as possible. One way to do this is to listen to podcasts or joining a webinar to keep that knowledge sharp by critically analyzing the material and pushing your understanding of the material. 

We want to provide thought provoking podcasts and webinars to best stimulate and foster this knowledge sharpening. With all the great podcasters out there in emergency and critical care medicine, we will be sure to step up and raise the industry bar by offering cutting edge medicine backed with evidence from the literature. 
Derived Experience Series
This is a case study series. If you enjoy learning by studying and practicing case studies, then get in here. These are real cases selected, researched, and peer reviewed for accuracy. Additionally, multiple texts as well as UpToDate.com were utilized to ensure academic accuracy.
Episode 1
Top 10: Topics that Casue People to Fail the CFRN and FPC exams
This MeduCast is the first in a series that will investigate 10 critical care exam topics. These are topics not well understood and not studied correctly. As you listen to the MeduCast, think about how you would explain this to a friend or colleague. If you can explain a topic to someone, then it displays a higher understanding of the material- and that's how you get better prepared for these difficult critical care exams..
In this first episode, I dive into a complex topic that most people don't study enough of for their certification exams: the OB assessment.

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Episode 2
In this episode I break down the feared oxyhemeglobin dissociation curve. You know what? It really isn't that hard to understand and use. Listen here and test questions will become easier.
Episode 1
THere we look into questions that center around cardiac and resuscitation questions, as well as hemodynamics and ventilation.

If you can understand these topics, then you're quickly on your way to a well deserved advanced certification.  
Decoded: Exam Test Questions
We can read all day long, but there comes a time when we need to practice practice practice. This series will highlight a selection of high level caliber questions and will include the rationale for the correct answer. The last few questions will be presented in scenario form. Please email us if there is a topic you would like to see covered..